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Lectures and professors are busy with research and marking of papers. Often enough, they even send an essay writing task over emails. In such cases, students get confused or mixed up in the many forms of essay writing there are. In this article, we will review some of the things that will qualify an essay to be termed as descriptive. We will also brief on the process descriptive essay writing.

Qualities of a descriptive essay

  • Detailed – This type of essays needs that students provide comprehensive details about the subject or topic provided. The details have to be accompanied by supporting evidence, preferably also included in the essay.
  • Broad area of coverage – You can be asked to write descriptive essay on anything relevant. It can be about a certain influential person, a famous place, something you once experienced or even a particular emotion.
  • Clear and precise – The most important thing to keep in mind here is that the reader will be depending on you, to paint a real picture of the situation you are writing about. A descriptive essay uses clear ideas, which can be linked to one another.

How to write a descriptive essay

If you are convinced enough that you have been assigned a task that requires you to write descriptive essay, the following guidelines will help you achieve the best results. Gather all the information you can – Whatever area you have been assigned to come up with an essay about, there is whole lot of related information available. Get as much such information as you can. Do not contradict yourself – This can be achieved by using clear phrases and short sentences. If you are a long sentences writer, make sure to correctly punctuate your sentences. Relate to ordinary things – when describing things or phenomena, compare tem with ordinary things. You can for example say that the headlights were as bright as the noon sun. Organize your ideas – Now that you have told the reader about some really bright headlights, the reader expects that it was already dark. You will be expected to provide a transition, if you are at any moment going to describe an event that happened at daytime. Edit your descriptive essay - Revise your essay. Identify any mistakes and correct them accordingly.

Professional descriptive essay help

Due to the various steps and formalities needed when writing this type of essays, students prefer to go for online essay writing services. The advantage of taking this step is that you can be assured that the right formalities will be followed and that the essay will be of high quality. It is important however, to first ensure that the professional services you have hired will return the expected results. Do a detailed study of their history and their experience in the essay writing genre. If possible, you can get hooked up with the actual professional who will be handling your essay. If not, make sure that the site you have decided to hire will be providing you with real time updates on the progress of your descriptive essay writing.


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