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Think of your role model or a favorite person in history. What are the things you would write about them and their contributions to the society? If you were to write all those things down, you would be writing a biography.

Forms of biography writing

Biographies can be divided in two different forms. There are the short and long descriptive ones. For the short ones, basic details are provide in relation to the much contribution that can be associated with the identified character. This includes any notable contribution in their field of study and who they were. The long ones take a more descriptive approach. Here, a story is told about the lives, contributions and principles of the character. These ones can even come as whole books, all dedicated to telling the story of one character. Other minor characters can be developed to support the story. Sometimes, biography writing can be used to story tell about some place or the particular period in which the character lived.

How to go about biography writing

Here are the steps involved in biography writing:
  • Character identification – This is a short art, which introduces the reader to the character which the whole story is about.
  • Development – After the character has been introduced, the basic information of place they lived and time line are provided., for characters who lived long ago, their information can be found in archives and libraries. The internet also provides information for such characters. If you are writing a descriptive biography, write everything you can find about the character.
  • Provide personal and additional details – Here, you will have the freedom to come up with some additional details, which can be used to identify and describe the character. Long biography writing gives the chance to the reader to personally identify and relate the character to the modern society.

Professional biography writing service

If you have been mandated with the task to write any of the above described forms of biography, consider going for professional biography writing services. It does not necessary mean that you will be robbed off the chance to personally describe your favorite character, it only means that you will get the chance to develop them even better. Getting biography writing help is very necessary when you for some reason cannot come up with the correctly written and formatted biography. You may also not be sure of what form to go for. Checklist for biographies:
  • Have you included the basic information like timeline of living, age, status?
  • Have you exhausted the sources of information which additional details can be found in?
  • Have you used credible information sources or can false information be identified I the provided biography?
  • Can the reader identify a certain contribution that can be directly associated with the character?
  • If the reader was to be asked for a certain quality of the character, what would they probably remember?
  • What would the society be missing, had it not been for the efforts of the developed character?


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