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It is almost impossible to say that you have never read a book on your own or in class. Here, we mean any kind of book, it be non-fiction or fiction. It happens that whole or some parts of such books present some ides that are either too life changing or too unacceptable to you. A book review would be the best platform to publish your view on such matters.

What does writing a book review involve?

Book reviews are genres of writing that authors use to provide analysis or criticism of a particularly identified book. It can be that the writer is looking forward to exposing some hidden message contained in the book. It can also be that the writer is aiming to prove as false facts, the same ideas. When writing a book review, you will need to have a good understanding of the book.

Guidelines to writing a book review

  • Here are the guidelines to follow in any case that you have been mandated with writing a book review.
  • Critically read the text – This means that you do not only move to agree with the provided facts. Here, the writer will philosophically analyze the ideas one by one.
  • Introduce the original author– Before even starting to provide your facts, tell about the original author. Include details of the command and respect the author enjoys in the community of writers. Some other works by him would be preferable.
  • Introduce your reasons for review– At this point, tell the reader why it is important to read your review. This is the point where you are supposed to tell whether you approve or disapprove the book.
  • Recommend audience – briefly explain the readers you would recommend the reviewed text to. When writing a book review, you should look for details on the readers who mostly read that particular book.

Checklist when writing a book review

  • Before submitting the review, check if you have included the following details; The author who originally came up with the ideas in the book; their reputation too should be included.
  • Critically argued points; Make sure that you have provided some inside explanations, ones that would pass the attention of a normal reader.
  • Other arguments provided in different reviews for the same book. This helps you not keep repeating previously provided points.
  • Arguments on what has been written. Many reviewers fall in the temptation to write about their own views. When writing a book review, ensure to only write about the facts that can be found in the book.
  • What you would modify if you were given a chance. This will be the place to include your views. Write about the things you would probably change or add if you were given the freedom to.
  • Recommend a particular identified audience. Here, identify a particular group of readers who can most benefit from the book. Include the reasons why that is so.
  • Get writing a book review service. This ensures that you get the help and input of professionally trained book reviewers. Such will help you in all the steps. You can even decide to just provide them with the particular book title. After that, they will do the book review writing for you. Such services are nowadays easily available over the internet.
However, it is very advisable that you first check for credibility and certifications.


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