Writing a Case Study – How to Write A Case Study Paper, Guidelines.

If you do not already know, success in the higher academic learning is determined by the quality and quantity of research an individual handles in to the relevant bodies for marking. As the name suggests, research demands that a lot and preferably provable information be gathered and provided in accordance to the topic of discussion. When looking for the supporting evidence to your idea, you will from time to time find the need to writing a case study.

What is meant by writing a case study?

First of all, we will explain what is meant by a case study. If for example you are trying to prove that ‘deforestation leads to soil erosion’, there is a particular are where you will base your arguments on. It can be that too many trees were cut in a very short duration of time, which consequently led to soil erosion. That will be the case study. Wen writing a case study for that particular situation, you should provide all the details and if possible photos of before and after the deforestation.

Before writing a case study

  • Practically visit the case yourself. Collect any available data on the current and previous status of the case. If possible, interview the natives of the area or people familiar with the particular case you are investigating.
  • Narrow down your analysis. For the deforestation case, don’t aim to providing the reasons mas to why the deforestation occurred. Just focus on its effects on soil erosion.
  • Come up with the measures that can be taken in attempt to control the identified problem. Now that you have proved your point, provide the available measures that can be employed. Include measures that are improbable in terms of budget, technology and such factors.

How to write a case study

Here, we will look at the process of how to write a case study. Remember that the tips provided above should only be known you, where you can draft them in a separate e note for your future use:
  • Introduce the issues that led you to choose that particular case for your study. This can be simple done in a thesis statement.
  • Write down the analysis you carried out. Here is the best place to include the photos and interviews you conducted.
  • Explain how the case can be related to other many similar cases.
  • Provide all the solutions available. Here, you can include the improbable ones we discussed earlier. At the end of that, provide the solution you most recommend and why.
  • Employ writing a case study service. There are many professional companies and individuals who offer such services to interested students. The services are very effective if for any one reason you doubt your abilities in writing or completing a case study assignment. The advantage of going for writing a case study service is that you will be handed in quality writing, in accordance to the data and instructions you sent. You can then hand in the raw data and instructions. The professionals will then draft the case study for you.


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