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The guidelines that have been set for writing a sociology paper are slightly different from ones set for other various academic papers like in engineering or physiology. In sociology, the ASA system, which basically stands for American Sociological Association provides all the guidelines and formatting styles required. In this article, I will handle all the ASA paper requirements I follow whenever writing a paper in the ASA style.

Sections of an ASA paper

An ASA paper should have three main sections. There is the tittle section, which is followed by the abstracting part and then the body development sections. I write the title of the paper first, which I centrally align after capitalizing each word. This is followed by my name and my college’s name in that order. If I have had any financial or any other external help, I dedicate a footnote containing the same. For the abstract, I never get it to exceed the 200 word count mark. It does not require me to write a different title, I just use the main document title. Here, I also introduce the audience to the main keywords and their descriptions in relation to the paper. In the body text formatting, ASA paper requires that the text all appear in a readable preferably officially font. I prefer a size 12 Times new Roman formatting. In various cases, instructors may decide to give specific instructions into type of font they require. Follow the instructions in such cases. For the main writing, I use the tab option or manual input to give a one and a quarter margin allowance into the document. Again, the main title should appear first. Note that each of these sections is on individual pages. Due to the fact that many broad topics do require use of subtitles, ASA provides the following guidelines; the first subtitle should appear in the uppercase, and not bolded. Do not use words like introduction and body as your subtitles. The next subtitle used for the development of the first identified one should be in italics, each word capitalized and not bolded. If a third one is used, it will only require a first capital letter, italics and no bolding. ASA paper writing also requires that all the tables and the different figures be included in separate individual last pages of the document. It should not require the reader to refer to the details in the body to understand the tables. They should be clear enough. Arabic are preferred when it comes to numbering.

I always go for online ASA paper service

There are many sources of ASA paper services online. I personally first check for the credibility of the source I am getting information on how to format an ASA paper. Other times, I prefer to submit a whole paper that is in a different formatting to such online sites. Here, I get my paper formatted accordingly from the very first page to the last. In this way, I can avoid missing an important point that would possibly ruin my paper.


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