How to Write a Graduate Level English Paper – Online English Paper Help.

English is an international language. It is taught in very many schools and used as a language of communication in many parts of the world. This has not produced the expected ease in writing good English papers, especially for the non-native speakers.

Words to avoid when writing an English paper

Many English papers are ruined by the inclusion of slang phrases and words. The inclusion of cliché words and phrases act as major sources of English paper mistakes too. Such words and phrases include:
  • Repetitive phrases and words; actually, due to the fact that, the reason as to why this is because, as a matter of fact, can be able to – This extent of repetition is disastrous in English paper writing. They suggest that you have no organized facts to present.
  • Kind of, sort of, kinda – This extent of slang usage is advised against. It makes your paper unofficial. Professors of English award very low marks for such papers.
  • Etc. and other unofficial abbreviations – Be very careful with the use of abbreviations. The only acceptable abbreviations are the official and popular ones like AIDS, UNICEF, UN. If any abbreviations must be used, provide their meanings in the beginning of your English paper.
  • Obviously, of course, definitely – Avoid these words. Not everything you deem obvious is so to the reader.
  • Plus – Instead, use and.

General guidelines to writing a graduate level English paper

I have had to write many of English papers, some for official use, some for practice and some for exam purposes. Here are the guidelines I follow:
  • Before starting on with the actual writing, I get to research as much as I can on the topic at hand. I prefer referring to available samples, which I can download from online English essay writers.
  • I treat any officially published text or document as a source of information. It doesn’t have to relate to the topic. It is just a way of improving my English paper writing skills.
  • I keep going back to my assigning lecturer for further details. For example, I can borrow a marking guideline which the lecturer uses when marking the papers.
  • I always edit a section after completion. Even for single paragraphs, I ensure to go through the paragraph again before moving on to the next one. That way, I can identify common mistakes easily.
  • I get meaning for different words. I never get to use a word that I do not know its exact meaning. I prefer using online dictionaries because they are kept updated.

Why I use and recommend English paper writing help services

Remember the list of words I marked as to not to be used in English writings, that is just a part of a long list of other such words. Somewhere in your English paper writing, you will probably use one or two of such words. It is also very common to wrongly spell a word, or adopt a wrong sentence structure. For this reason, I prefer going for English paper help services. Here, I get my paper written by a native and preferably a graduate in English. This helps me submit error-free and quality English papers.


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