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The first time we were assigned the task of writing a short essay, it was not a so smooth task for us. We were previously used to writing long essays, which allowed for enough spaces for the introduction and development of the provided facts. With short essays, it is a bit different. Here, students are required to manage the allocated space as much as they can. The general guidelines are the same however.

The difference between a long and a short essay

There is no much difference between the two in terms of content. The difference is in length. While long essays can go to as many as 100 pages, a short essay should not exceed a page. It therefore requires that you get to arrange and present your ideas very clearly.

How to write a short essay

Here are the guidelines I have composed for writing a short essay. I have compiled them from different short essay service providers and different other professional help services. I always start with a catchy introducing paragraph. Since I will have to economize on space, I ensure that my introduction covers all that will be found in the essay. I forego phrases that can be presented in just one word. From what I have leant, readers decide to discard or read an essay from what is provided in the introducing text. I therefore write the introduction last after I have developed the body. A standard paragraph will be enough for that. When it comes to the body, I arrange my arguing points according to their order or relevance. For the points I deem most relevant, I let them appear first in the body. Here, I ensure to have a drafted outline beside me. This will the draft I will keep referring to in the whole course of my writing. I like dedicating a paragraph to each point. This I achieve by formatting the point in a different font from the font for the provided argument. I also very much make use of real life examples and different writing styles. Short sentences have also proved very effective. Having presented my points and provided the related argument, I read through them again and produce a summary. This will act as my conclusion. Here, I then develop the introduction, which will effectively cater for all that I have presented in the short essay.

Why I trust short essay service help

It is not easy to come up with a short story essay. Telling a story means that you will have to capture the attention of the audience, present your idea and support it all in a very limited space. For these reasons, I prefer to get as much professional help as I can get and afford. For most of the time that I have been in campus, I always consider online essay writers for such help. Note that I do not go for any essay writing services provider. Over time, I have had to come up with a list of several such writers whom I can trust.


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