The Secret to Creative Writing – Best Creative Writing Tips for College Assignments.

What would you do if you had about 100 several pages assignments to provide grading for? the probable answer is that you would skim through the assignments, awarding average marks and fail grades for the majority of the one which have repeated the things you have been hearing over the years. This is what goes on with college professors. Therefore, you will need to get your creative abilities to a different distinction, which will assuredly capture the attention of the professor. In turn, your assignment will be awarded a very desirable grading.

How to write a creative writing essay?

In this article, we will discuss several creative writing tips. These tips will help catch the attention of your skimming professor.
  • Allocate a ‘long enough’ time – The reason it is referred to as ‘creative’ is because it needs that writers relate what they are writing about with the assigned topic, current trends, common sense and what has been taught in class. This obviously call for research, which cannot be achieved when the submission date is due really soon.
  • Write introductory paragraphs last – This seems like a contradiction. It is not. Always ensure to write your introductory paragraphs after you have written the body. The introduction is the determinant as to whether the rest of the essay will be read.
  • Give personal qualities to characters – Let the reader see real qualities in the characters you have chosen. Not all characters should be good or bad. If there is one ‘evil’ character, develop another ‘good’ character. Just like the way it is in the society.
  • Dialogue – Dialogue is the best tool for making a creative writing fun to read and engaging. It involves your readers in the main story. It also helps much in setting the mood of your writing.
  • Develop a clear plot – Your readers need to see where the story is coming from. They should also predict the end. However, one of the secrets to creative writing is a plot that will not be easily predicted on how it will end. Clear transitions between ideas are necessary though.
  • End in a high note – This is referred to as a climax. Any creative essay should contain one. It is the part of the story where your readers cannot afford to put the story aside.
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