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It is common to here students who perform poorly in a particular subject keep producing negative comments about the subject. It happens all the time even among my class mates. If there is one thing I have learned so far, one’s mentality can by far affect their performance in relation to that subject. It is the same when it comes to the 500 word essay. In college, it requires that submitted essay give full details about the topic under discussion. That is no easy when you have been allowed to write only 500 words, making it not a favorite of many students. With a positive mentality however, it is no different from writing the normal essays.

What is the difference between 500 word essay and normal essays?

There is no major difference between the two. It is only that the 500 word essay requires you to be more specific. It is also popular in particular situations like when applying for a scholarship of college admission. Normal essays are long, where some can go to even 100 pages. In both, detailed information is expected to be presented about the particular topic under discussion.

Guide to writing 500 word essays

When writing my 500 word essay, I get very careful with the much space I allocate to the development of a particular point. Below are the general steps I follow:
  • For the first paragraph, I dedicate to writing the thesis. One or two sentences are enough for the thesis. With other about 5 short sentences, I dedicate that to a short summarizing text. This one introduces the reader to everting to be found inside the essay.
  • In cases where I have been assigned a very broad topic, I divide the essay into several paragraphs, some with the related subtitles. This enables me to independently give the supporting data on the individual subtitle I have had to create.
  • In order that I can capture and keep the attention of the reader, I prefer to make use of emotional and sensory details. Rather than using plain language to deliver a certain point, I prefer to go for real life examples. Here, it gets easier if you have at least done some research on the particular object, person or situation the essay is about.
  • Finally, I always give a concluding paragraph to my essay. About 10 sentences of 5 words each are enough for me. This paragraph needs be entirely unique and independent. It should not be a rewritten introduction.

I get assistance from online 500 word essay services

For the majority of the essays I have had to write and submit for marking. A lot of 500 word essay services can be traced. It may be with the formatting system, editing of the essay, or even whole essay writing. What I do is ensure that I have gotten the full details of what the assignment requires. From there, I need only to send the exact details to the credible essay writers and get the exact writing I will be looking for. It is very often that you will encounter a well and professionally crafted 500 word scholarship essay. In such cases, chances are that a lot of online essay writers have been sought. In fact, I always recommend students to go for online and professional 500 word essay services. It has always worked for most of my friends and for me too.


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