Writing Literature Review – Guidelines for Writing Literature Review Outline.

In academic writings, detailed researches about given topics are mandatory. Research basically means that different sources of the need information will be consulted. Here, primary and secondary information sources are mainly focused on. The information sources which contain related information like the one being provided in the topic of research are identified accordingly. Consequently, information on their relevance and relation is also provided. This whole process is referred to as literature review.

Writing a literature review

Here is the general guideline on how a literature review outline should be written:
  • Introducing information – The writer first introduces the topic under discussion. This includes information on all that will be discussed and the reasons for the discussion. This is the part that most readers use as a determinant as to whether they will go on with further details.
  • Supporting information – Now that the topic has been introduced, supporting information is submitted, which aims at developing and bringing out the much needed evidence. This is the main part of the literature review.
  • Concluding remarks – his part deals with telling the audience on the ways in which the literature review directly relates and supports the topic.
  • These are the main parts that you will be required to handle whenever you have been asked to write literature review for a certain research study.

    Professional literature review help

    In any case that you cannot find relevant literature to review or are not familiar with the process, you may end up writing the wrong thing all together. In such a case, online or professional literature review help can serve for the better. Search for sites that provide for online literature review service. This may include identification of the right literature, the right formatting or even the complete literature review writing process. All you will need is to ensure that the online site or individual has the credentials to show for their professionalism. From there, you can provide them with the details of your research, and the far you have gone as long as the review is concerned. In this case, it better to go for more experienced services providers. Such will have the commanding knowledge to know what to include or exclude without asking for too many details.

    Checklist for review of literature:

  • Make sure that your review can be directly linked with the problem at hand. The very fundamental reason as to why you are conducting it is to show then relevance as much as your case is concerned.
  • Make sure the review has been presented in the right format.
  • Ensure to provide clear stated points. You do not have to come with a long review. Leave that to the real finding s of your research.
  • Edit any errors. This is where you may again consider the services of online professional services. Such services will help you identify any errors that may take the quality off your paper.
  • Only include retrievable information sources. Outdated and dead linked websites are not a good choice to go for.


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